Think Clearly and Think Straight

Think Clearly and Think Straight

We do need to see things in perspective and not be subject to emotional reasoning. Here is a chart from the World Health Organization on previous viral threats and scares of the past. Look at it clearly and then take it in perspective. Also take into account that >500,000 people die every yr from heart disease and > 300,000 form strokes and DM and hypertension. Not even to mention cancer. Most of these are preventable and reversible diseases, and yet we do very little to change our diets and start exercise and stop smoking and addictions. We would save many many more lives and billions of dollars, if you were to exert even half the energy expended on COVID-19, and address these risks factors for the top 3 killers in the USA. So lets focus on that and lets focus on boosting our immune systems to protect us against this virus, just like all the other annual flu viruses. Dr Derek Heldzinger MD, LMCC, CCFP, FLEX, DipABLM

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Dr Derek Heldzinger Medical Doctor and owner of clinic

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