Truth about Vit B-12


Vit B-12 is the only quiver in the bows of those who try to defend a meat based diet. The negative effects on your health from eating meat is over whelming in the medical literature. Vit B-12  is produced in bacteria and not by animals. So the plant eatnig animals get their Vit B-12 from the same place you and I get it from, and that is from bacteria in our gut, which has been destroyed by our poor eating habits as well as over sanitizing, sterilizing and radiating our fresh foods for exports across countries and borders. If you eat fresh foods grown in your own garden or local fresh food markets,  you will get all the bacteria you need and that will produce the Vit B-12 you need. But if you are concerned, take a supplement 1-2 times per week. Unfortunately there is no supplement that can protect you from the negative effects of a meat based diet on your body. So I recommend a Whole Food Plant Based Diet without any reservations. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. Did I say that more than once? There is nothing you get from animal based foods, that you cannot get from a plant based source, without any of the negative effects of the animal fats and proteins. The study on the Blue Zones in the world proves that without a doubt. The Blue Zones are 5 areas in the world where large groups of people live, fully functional and healthy into their 100's, free from heart disease, cancer and minimal chronic diseases so common to the rest of the world. These groups of people eat 95% whole foods plant based diets with maybe 1-2 servings of animal based foods once a week. It that. And you donot even need that once a week to be healthy. The way we farm our animals for food today, has put animal based foods in the toxic category and not fit for human consumption. Anyone who ignores those facts take their health into their own hands and plays with fire.

Dr Derek Heldzinger Medical Doctor and owner of clinic

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