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Cancer and cancer treatments harm both your health and well-being. Our approach to cancer treatment entails the connection between body and mind, and can help:

Decrease the side effects of treatment.

Found methods to reduce your risk of developing new cancers or other chronic illnesses.

Discover how to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence

Our team has created a program to help you learn how to protect and maintain your well-being during your fight. It will complement your cancer treatment, thus enhancing your outcomes.

Cancer Prevention Q & A

How does Family Medical Center address and prevent cancer?

Some of the most terrifying words a doctor can utter are, “I’m sorry, you have cancer.” Despite its prevalence, surviving cancer is widely misunderstood. Too often, patients are pushed toward treatments like chemotherapy and radiation without exploring other treatment options or even discussing how to best protect your health while having these aggressive cancer treatments.

While Dr. Heldzinger and the team at Family Medical Center aren’t oncologists, they can help you learn about your disease and how you can protect your health and keep your body healthy and resilient while you fight cancer. They can also advise you on strategies that can help stop cancer from developing in the first place.

At Family Medical Center, the team is committed to empowering you to make the best, natural choices to protect your health and wellness. Dr. Heldzinger and his team offer nutritional counseling, lifestyle management support, routine checkups, and a host of vaccinations designed to safeguard your health and well-being for years to come.

How does my lifestyle impact my experience with cancer?

First, your diet, weight, and other lifestyle factors contribute to your risk of several types of cancer. Additionally, using tobacco products significantly increases your chances of developing cancer. What you eat has an impact, too, and some foods like refined sugar, alcohol, and certain preservatives are known to contribute to, and feed cancer.

Additionally, should you develop cancer, your overall health can impact how you cope with the treatments. Your diet significantly affects your health and wellness. If you follow a healthy, nutrient-rich diet and continue to exercise, you can keep your body strong and better equipped to fight cancer.

How can I protect my well-being while I have cancer?my experience with cancer?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, make an appointment at Family Medical Center. The team offers a comprehensive consultation and exam, and then they create a customized wellness program to help keep you as healthy as possible while you fight cancer. The team uses lifestyle medicine, which focuses on optimizing lifestyle factors such as your:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep habits
  • Positive social connections

The team also offers cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help you cope with negative thoughts and feelings that can lead to unhealthy behaviors. Their goal is to help you maintain a healthy and fulfilling quality of life while you fight cancer or approach the end of your life.

Call Family Medical Center or request an appointment online today to receive lifestyle medicine support for cancer.

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