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Our patient-centered and individualized medicine model helps close the gap in critical imbalances that are the source of illness. As a patient of ours, we see you as a whole; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Therefore, our practice has everything you need to be successful on your road to health and wellness.

When you step into our office, you will find:

Personal consultation with a focus on the cause of disease

Practical Health Educational lectures in a small group setting at least once a month

Cooking Schools with practical instruction

Exercise education and Personal training

Diabetes Reversal classes

Reverse Cholesterol and Hypertension seminars

Decreasing Cancer Risk seminars

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Mental Health and CBT Counseling

Life Mastery Seminars

Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs

Treating the Cause of Disease

Weight Management classes

Spiritual Care combined with compassionate healthcare

During your appointment, we take the time to understand you to ensure we provide you with all the right tools and care to address your specific needs.

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